Motion-Sensor Lighting Offers Security, Savings for Businesses

When businesses close up shop for the evening, exterior motion-sensor security lighting may help deter break-ins overnight. These lights can startle trespassers, and they’re particularly effective if they’re placed near security cameras, because would-be thieves know they’re being recorded in good lighting. Motion-sensor lights are more efficient than security lights that stay on all the [...]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Security System

When you’re thinking about protecting your business against failure, here’s one statistic worth noting: More than 30 percent of business failures can be traced to crimes, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. That threat, whether caused by burglary, fraud or shoplifting, can be particularly high during an economic recession. No matter the economy, it’s [...]

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Combatting Copper Theft and Business Burglaries

Indianapolis is seeing a marked increase in copper theft and business burglaries If you've been a victim of copper theft you understand what we are about to talk about. You know first hand the problems caused by a simple oversight on your part and entitlement on the thief's part. You know that one guy, in [...]

Interactive Security Leads to Arrest in Indianapolis

Local Business Catches Burglars in the Act Interactive alarm systems have several benefits over traditional alarm systems as one Indianapolis business owner found out.  Thanks to his interactive alarm system the owner was able to receive an alarm notification on his iPad, pull up live video, and verify that burglars were in his store. Police [...]

Video Verified Alarms – SiteWatch from Hoosier Security

Today we're going to talk a bit about false alarms and how we reduce them with video verified alarms. The problem with standard alarm systems is that they are essentially blind. We have electronic sensors and switches, and whether they be a door contact or a motion detector or any other kind of sensor, they [...]