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I just received this email forwarded to me from a customer.

I can’t thank you enough for all the work today and for tracing the cable and saving us cable costs and camera costs.  Your time is worth that.  Duston, your attitude, your knowledge, your good-natured kindness and sincerity along with your quality workmanship is highly valued!  Those character traits serve you well and will come back to you doubled.

I cannot say how much it means to me that our employees care about our clients and not just our company or themselves. It should be noted that you don’t normally get this type of warm and fuzzy from the “cheapest bid.” You get it from service providers that care about their people and their customers. The service providers that treat their people well so they are happy and can provide exceptional service. You get this kind of service from a thoughtful service provider that isn’t just out to sell you something, but to help you take care of your business.

Duston is our head tech and is in charge of quality control, he is undoubtedly one of our greatest assets. He cares. He lives by our culture, not because it is our culture, but because it is the kind of person he is. If you ever have the pleasure of having Duston on site, which almost all of our customers do, shake his hand. He is a rock star. THANKS DUSTON, for loving what you do, for caring about our customers and for all your hard work. I’m very glad you are on our team.


Armando Perez


Hoosier Security

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