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Back in high school, I got a summer job selling alarm systems door to door. I was terrible at it—in fact, I don’t think I sold one all summer. But I liked my boss, and I learned a few things that got me interested in the industry.

After that stint, I ended up going to school to get my music degree—not exactly a typical background for someone working in security and surveillance. I played as a professional musician for a few years until everything changed one day, when I decided to get a security system for my new home.

A guy from a local company came out to give me an estimate. Having sold alarm systems before, I knew all the tricks. I asked the guy lots of questions—to the point that he told me he needed to call his boss to get the answers I was looking for.

As it turns out, his boss was my old boss from my summer job in high school. We get to talking, and before you know it, he offers me a job. I accept, and just like that, I’m back in the security business.

Not too long after that, I experienced a family tragedy that changed the course of my life. Two of my family members were burglarized, and a few months later they were murdered. This dramatic event made me really think about what’s important in my life—and about my involvement in the security industry.

I decided to take a step back, quit my job, and reevaluate my approach to the business. For too many years I had seen other security companies cutting corners for profit, only worried about selling contracts instead of effective security systems. After what had happened in my personal life, that didn’t work for me anymore.

That’s why I started Hoosier Security: a company that suits up, shows up, listens carefully, does excellent work, and sells elite security solutions—not contracts. We put the protection of our clients and their assets first, and our growth and success over the years has shown that our customers value our dedication to their security.

But our beginnings were humble. The company started with just me and one other person in a 600-square-foot office, dreaming about all the ways we wanted to help change the security industry for the better. Quickly, those dreams became a reality as we took on new clients and expanded our reach, outgrowing our first office in a matter of months.

Soon we were in a new 2400-square-foot office and adding more employees—including bringing all our tech work in house. Since then, we’ve expanded even more into our current space to accommodate our testing facility and cutting-edge design studio, which gives clients the chance to see exactly how their security system will function in the real world. And we have more exciting plans for expansion in the future.

Back when I was selling alarm systems in high school, I never imagined I’d end up in the security business. But life takes many turns—sometimes very difficult, unexpected turns—and I know that you can learn something from these events. In my own life, these events taught me that I’m truly passionate about protecting people.

That’s why my business is personal. I understand how critical your security is to your company and your peace of mind. And you can count on the entire team at Hoosier security to share my passion.

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Armando Perez
(President and General Manager) After spending 10 years in the industry, Armando founded Hoosier Security based on the principles of taking care of people, solving their problems and being fanatical about service, because real security is important. Read more