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Client-Focused Design – A True Differentiator

As we continue the build-out of the new Hoosier Security offices at the Circle City Industrial Complex, right in the heart of Indy’s Mass Ave Industrial Corridor, I am reminded of how different our approach to system design is. Each manufacturer that I speak with, each manufacturer’s rep, each client reinforces that we are radically different than the rest of the security industry in that we want our clients to know more about what they are buying than just a part number or spec sheet. The part number, in fact, isn’t important at all! What is important is a realistic expectation of the end result, how that result solves the problems at hand, how it allows us to address future problems for our clients and most importantly, what compromises were needed to get there. These compromises can be budget, storage, ease of use, flexibility, camera count or door count, and most obviously video quality and door control flexibility.

The fact is, there is no security system that exists without compromises, regardless of the vendor.

Our goal in the construction of our systems design lab is to create an environment where these compromises can be chosen on purpose, where they can be seen first hand and where design decisions can be made hand in hand with the client. To shift the power of this to the end-user with a full understanding of why those decisions were made, and full confidence that the end result is right for them, not just for the manufacturer of the equipment.

It is our hope that by focusing on the technology and how it affects our clients that we can better become partners and begin to solve the bigger problems they face. Reliability, service, theft, time and accountability, liability, efficiency, control, profitability and compliance are key factors in security system design, but only by getting the client involved can a security integrator begin to understand and solve the problems his client faces.

It’s cool to say that Hoosier Security’s new build room can program 250 cameras, 128 x 5 channels, 20 door controllers and five burglary panels simultaneously, and we do say it… we say it quite a bit. But what is cooler still is our ability to listen and solve problems. This is a pivotal year for Hoosier Security. We continue to expand, tripling our square footage for the second time, hiring the best and brightest problem solvers in Central Indiana and changing the way an industry does business.

A client once told me, “You sound different” when I asked him why he chose Hoosier Security despite not being the cheapest bid. I’d like to add… we ARE different, and it’s not just lip service. Client Centered, Solution Focused, this is part of our culture and the secret sauce to our success.

P.S. Expect an open invitation to our Open House this summer. All clients are welcomed! Without you there would be no Hoosier Security.

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