Interactive Security Leads to Arrest in Indianapolis

Local Business Catches Burglars in the Act Interactive alarm systems have several benefits over traditional alarm systems as one Indianapolis business owner found out.  Thanks to his interactive alarm system the owner was able to receive an alarm notification on his iPad, pull up live video, and verify that burglars were in his store. Police [...]

What the Boys and Girls Club HVAC Copper Theft Teaches Us About Prevention

Just a couple of days ago, the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis was hit by vandals. Its something that is all too common, tens of thousands of dollars in damage so someone can walk away with a couple of hundred dollars in scrap copper. Copper theft has become the single most prevalent theft problem [...]

Security Cameras in Bars; CCTV Helps Keep Bartenders From Stealing

The Booze Business is One Business That is Most Vulnerable to Employee Theft. Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful bar, lounge or restaurant business with a popular bartender. The problem is that the good bartenders are always popular! You might not notice daily theft and skimming, such as free drinks to [...]

DIY security, How NOT To Do It

In this frightening example of a jewelry store heist, we explore the most common mistakes in DIY security installation that could lead to massive loss, major injury, and possibly death. We should be very careful when designing and installing video surveillance systems, lives depend on it. The general public has long had a love/hate relationship [...]

Indianapolis Surveillance Camera System Repair

Do you have a surveillance system that's stopped working?  Before you think about spending thousands of dollars on a  brand new system, consider letting our experts take a look first.  At Hoosier Security we've repaired a wide variety of surveillance DVR systems and can often have you back up and going the next day.  Sometimes [...]