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As I’m flying from Washington D.C. back home to Indianapolis in the middle of the night, I am discussing some of the things that make us different with Duston our lead tech.

It’s now that it dawns on me that the very fact that we are having this conversation is a big part of that difference. Not that we are merely having the conversation, but that we are having the conversation on a Friday night, near midnight, at about 20,000 feet of elevation above Anderson, Indiana about to land in Indy… after spending the day in training. Completely optional training, by the way, training that most companies would have opted out of.

It’s this commitment that makes us different and proves we are what we say we are, a different approach to security systems implementation. The commitment of our employees to grow, the commitment of the company to help them do that and the commitment to always learn and always improve sets us apart.

It’s a commitment to our clients. It’s why you’ll only find full-time employees on our installation teams and why our approach to security is so different from and so much more effective than the industry standard. It really is something that is a part of our culture and I am grateful to have the best team in the city.

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